Advancing Dreams

Advancing Dreams

advancing dreams

The world is full of people who long for something more. Everyone has a dream to fulfill. For some it is an experience, something on their bucket list. For others advancing dreams, means advancing their career to where they are free to be their natural self and to be rewarded appropriately for their unique contribution.

This morning, I looked at my Facebook and multitudes of friends and family were celebrating some sports victory that occurred the night before. I'm happy for them. I hope they enjoy the moment. But I can't help also being sad for that amount of energy and passion that was not directed toward advancing dreams that they have, executing their personal dreams.

Maybe that isn't fair. I realize I'm in the minority as a person who cares nothing for professional sports. I hear from the chatter that this win has been desired for a long time and they are happy for their community. For some, this is a lifelong dream fulfilled. I kind of get it, that's fine. Congratulations, friends.

If you want to:

  • do more,
  • express an idea,
  • make something new,
  • use a talent that has been dormant,
  • let that first book that is inside you out...

...then join us. Most of us can't state clearly what we want, without a great deal of exploration. Being effectively creative means continuously steering to reconcile between what you want and what your audience wants. We're advancing dreams here, are you coming?

Advancing dreams... what dream, which one?

The strategies of creating relevant content, provocative books and disruptive exciting businesses boils down to identifying what people really want. Thanks to Seth Godin's post this morning, I'm reminded that most people don't know what they want. They can't articulate it.

I'm a techie guy and when I heard Steve Jobs announce the idea of the original iPhone in 2007, I said, "there it is!" That's the thing. That is the device we didn't realize we couldn't live without. We will finally get to control the apps and content on our phones. I'd been wanting that very thing for  a long time and had myself studied the mobile version of Java in hopes to program what I want and put it on the phone platform. My obstacle, I had no way to get my programs onto my phone or the phones of others. Steve had the team and the power to enable that new avenue for business and innovation. Because of what he and his company advanced, we now also have Android which is even more open for innovation.

But before it was presented, before we saw it, no what knew what it was we wanted. There was speculation. For a couple years there was talk about the phone that Apple was preparing for market. Most of us who have a dream, also only see it as a foggy, amorphous thing out in the distance. What it is that we know we want are the results of the thing.

Advancing dreams is actually hard work

I've heard authors say that they enjoy having written far more than the experience of writing. The accolades, the rewards, the street cred we get is the more tangible aspect of what we mean when we say we want to make something or to be more creative. But that is fair, having been in roles that require output like this that is envied by others, drawing, painting, writing and producing movies, I understand. Many won't know where to start and the rest, once starting may realize that it isn't always glamorous and requires hard work and intellectual exhaustion. It feels good to produce these things. When it is going great, even if it is exhaustingly hard work, it does also feel good to be in the act of creation.

Three steps to help advance your dreams this week—

  1. Shift your behavior to get different results - Baby steps. Every time you wish you could be more creative or have made something amazing, write it down, doodle it on paper, record it onto your phone via dictation. Then declare your next step and commit to it. Generate notes, organize them and suddenly you will see that you actually have something growing there.
  2. Pivot to better ways to serve - How can I use my talents in ways that aren't just me doing stuff that no one cares about? Can I motivate myself and others by sharing my work? If I provide encouragement, will someone else also get inspired to advance their dream?
  3. Sign up for our updates - >> click here. I'm going to be creating a few of my own efforts and sharing my progress on this site. Sign up to make sure you see the updates. Let's take the journey together!

Special bonus

I heard about this today. This video is pretty crazy (dark and sick at the end) and really had me cracking up. It represents several ideas that I've been touching on in this blog so far.

  • The idea that creativity is just taking a thing, like an orange and just imaging weird things about it like a face and legs. This is a very superficial view of creativity. It can generate cool stuff to twist a thing, but aligning themes and metaphors is more powerful.
  • The secondary character tries to play along and the main notepad character shoots him down several times for not being creative. "Green is not a creative choice." I see this clique mentality all the time and talked about it in my poseur post. The source of creativity is not a closed group. Anyone can come up with brilliant ideas. Group brainstorming often makes incredible results because ideas can bounce off of one another.
  • Finally, if twisted too much, an idea can get dark and scary. This is depicted in a very funny way towards the end. Kind of disturbing.



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