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Reader Survey - Help Guide Our Content

reader survey

I plan to eventually make the weekly Friday installment of into a podcast or video blog. The one post in the week that is actually a show. We'll see which format works best. I'm currently designing and preparing the premier episode. Below is my reader survey. I want to create a great program. To do that, I need to hear from you.

To ensure my program is on the right path as early as possible, I'm using these three resources to help:

  • Michael Hyatt's Platform University
  • John Lee Dumas's Entrepreneur On Fire (
  • Finally, the guide and consultant who influenced the first two and countless others, Cliff Ravenscraft. Cliff is THE and a friend of mine from back when we used to live in the same town.

I want to know more about you and what subjects or kinds of content appeal to you most. The idea of inspiring creativity can take on many forms. I have plans for this site, but if they are not what the readers want, what is the point?

In this reader survey:

  • please make sure I understand if you are creative as a hobby or as part of your career
  • your information is anonymous, it gives me an idea of who is interested
  • you can help ensure that I provide valuable content to you

Experimental ideas for future content

In the survey I hint that I plan to work requested brainstorming challenges as part of the show. Please let me know how you feel about working up a challenge publicly. Can the idea be discussed without mentioning brand names?

This reader survey is only nine questions long. I would really appreciate you taking the time to share how you hope to develop your creativity.

Photo: The Surveyor - public domain