Strategic Focus Changes

I've been working off in a more focused direction for a while. I make no apologies for that. It is the nature of creative work to explore and sometimes go down the rabbit hole.

The Kings Island Park Hacks book has been a fun and rewarding experience. The feedback has been encouraging. I've received in the form of reviews, interactions with people who have expressed the ways they've discovered a better experience at the park, and solid evidence of the value produced when people invest their good money into purchasing copies!

The one lesson I continue to learn, is that projects and businesses shift and change as they get developed. That ability to adapt is one of the best ways to ensure success. During the year, I realized that what I shared with the Kings Island crowd in the region surrounding Cincinnati, could also help people near other parks. Each park is different and most of the rides are unique, but the tips and strategies can help families who visit and amusement park, anywhere! The next iteration of the Park Hacks series, was originally planned to be Walt Disney World Park Hacks. But the need to get a more universal version of the Kings Island book stepped ahead.

I've also enjoyed the collaboration with those who spoke up and contributed their own Park Hacks. Chief among them was Krystal Curtis, who is a young mom and amusement park enthusiast. I realized that her perspective was different than mine and also very helpful to the readers of the Park Hacks books. I asked her to be my co-author on the upcoming Amusement Park Hacks book.

So that is a brief update to what I've been up to. It takes time to write a book and to build an audience. I've learned so much and will be swinging that attention back here soon.

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