creative pivot - Which path do you choose?

creative pivot - Which path do you choose?

creative pivot, choosing a fork in the road

If you've ever had a shift happen in the world around you, you've either adapted by adjusting what you do or how you do it, or you've been left behind. The business world is constantly changing, not just constant change, but accelerating change.

I often describe it as not being an attempt to find another place with solid footing, but more learning how to surf on the wave of the unpredictable environment.

The book Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson, is a great allegory for this situation. The game can change right under your feet. What you do, when it happens, is your best chance at remaining successful. A successful creative pivot can help you thrive and advance!

When I started this blog/business in early May I knew, that it would need a subtle creative pivot or directional adjustment at some point. My first step was to start the dialogue and then listen to what the audience needs. It isn't easy, most people don't come out and tell you what they need or want. Some, like Apple and the smartphone, find great success in showing us what we want and can't live without that we haven't ever considered yet.

This isn't even a major shift for me. The theme and direction is not changing at all. I'm introducing, one of new products that I'm developing. I'd like to hear your thoughts if interest you.

Successful Creative Meetings

This product, coming in a week or two, is most closely aligned with my personal work experience and the overall messaging of this blog. I'm developing a book and program. I'm also considering offering in-person creative coaching option for how to effectively run a creative meeting. It will emphasize collaboration and improvisational techniques. If this resonates with you, please let me know in the comments below. Here are specific questions I'd like to know as you respond:

  • What is the most frustrating thing when your team tries to make a change, or start something new?
  • How often do your concepts, which seemed cool in development, just stagnate with little reaction from your audience?
  • Would your team be interested in a guest facilitator in your next brainstorming or idea generation meeting?

>> You don't have to answer these in the comments below if you have real pain and frustration to share about your team. You can write to me directly with your answers: mike at creativity dot show.

For extra credit, I invite you to share your biggest frustration when visiting an amusement park.

Photo: Fork in the Road

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