Kings Island Book Launch and New Job Keeping Me Busy

Kings Island Park Hacks Book

Kings Island Book Launch and New Job Keeping Me Busy

Since July I've been working on my Kings Island Book Launch and a New Job. I realize that I've been letting this blog lie fallow for the last couple months. I think this blog is a fun thing, but hadn't yet hit the right niche. That's OK. I've been plenty busy with these two activities.

Kings Island Book Launch

I overly-optimistically thought it would be something that I'd just write quickly over a couple weeks and get it up there. But then I paused and decided that this would be worth the extra effort inviting feedback from others and a proper marketing campaign.

This weekend is Kings Island's final weekend of the 2016 season. In line with all that fan energy being left with no place to go, I'm opening up the pre-sale opportunity for my book Kings Island Park Hacks. The content is growing and is shaping up to be a helpful resource for families who want to get more out of their visits to Kings Island near Cincinnati, Ohio. Many of the tips can apply to any amusement park, not just Kings Island.

The schedule is that sample tips will be released on the book's blog through early December. You are invited to share your own favorite tips and hacks that help you have a good time at amusement parks. You can share your tips with me here: The digital Kindle version will continue to be updated even after the December 20th release, as I receive more input. That's a neat feature of ebooks. Then in early 2017 a few weeks before the park reopens for the season, the paperback version will be released with the latest and most accurate information.

If you'd like to be part of my launch team, I'd love to have you involved. I promise you'll get an incredible amount of value as I exercise what I've learned about successfully marketing a self-published book. If you have a book in you that you plan to sell in the future, I invite you to come along with me on this journey. You can let me know that you're interested on the book's contact form.

New J.O.B.

The other main reason for my slowing of updates on this blog is that I've entered into full-time work again. Since August, I've been a Senior Instructional Learning Developer at Paycor. It is a really nice company with a really great set of payroll and HR tools for small to medium sized companies. This position gives me time to pivot and reshape this blog into something that is more useful to the right creative audience.

>> In the comments, I invite you to share any thoughts you have about this site. If it gave you some value... creative inspiration, quality instruction for doing creative tasks or motivation, please let me know what that was.

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