Creative Development and Inspiration

Creative Development and Inspiration

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Hello, this blog is a journey and an exploration into the business of creative development and inspiration. I’m Mike, the site’s owner and chief curator of the I’ve held creative roles in advertising and marketing for nearly twenty years. I was creative as a child too. I’ve inspired friends and colleagues along the way through personal mentoring and idea generation. This site’s purpose is to deliver that value of the collaborative creative process to those who need that prod to improve their creativity.

I began as a designer and illustrator. I added video production and application development to my bag of tricks. Throughout my career, the best value contributions have been my creative direction and storytelling. Illustration is essentially telling stories with images. I agree completely with Pixar’s central philosophy, “story is king!”

Who needs creative development and inspiration.
Who is this for?

  • Group A – It is open to the pros, people who work in ad agencies or internal corporate marketing departments or independent creative consultants and free-range artists. I’ve worked as one of you and with roles like yours for over nearly two decades. Even when you’re out there with a flashy title as a creative leader, you can end up in a box. This post by Seth Godin knocked me on my butt! Positions like this can actually stifle true creativity. So I hope those of you in this category see this as therapy and a friendly place to charge your creative batteries.
  • Group B – The other audience I believe this blog can serve are those who want to grow more creative. You may see yourself as a person who dabbles at being creative but has room to grow. You also may be in the group who playfully says they wouldn’t know a creative idea if it bit them. If you are breathing, there is always room to grow.

So keep watching, this space is going to change, adapting as I learn what visitors are most interested in exploring. If one group responds better, that’s where we’ll steer.