Welcome to Creativity Show!

Welcome to Creativity Show!

Glad you're here! This is creativity.show, a constantly changing experiment and exploration of what it means to be creative. Creativity is a funny thing. The initial audience and purpose I had considered, was to provide a creative boost to people who make their living in a creative endeavor of some kind. This missed the mark because "creatives" are often consumed with the creation of their own work. Some may be facing burn-out. Others maybe feeling alone as a sole-creative contributor where they work. They hopefully can use this site to get an external creative boost.

The next audience and purpose I realized was to encourage give creative guidance or inspiration to anyone, wherever a person happens to be in the creative spectrum right now. This is a place where those who wish to be creative, but don't identify as a creative-type yet, can learn how to produce things with a little extra zing. Anyone can become more creative. It is a skill, taking only practice and the will to stretch beyond the status quo. The benefits of instilling more creative energy into traditionally non-creative work can be huge.

So here is the deal, I'm going to keep exploring, sharing my challenges and discoveries. I have a lot of active projects going on too, with my day-job and in my side-hustles as a creative marketing coach and entrepreneur. If you get creative inspiration from a topic, that's a win for both of us! I'd love to hear about it in the comments. If you disagree with an idea, please share. I wouldn't mind hearing another perspective.

Sometimes we talk abstract concepts, but most of the theory about creativity requires action, interaction and execution. Watch this space for constant exploration.